All In Full Swing at McQueen

Thanks to everybody who dropped by to Wasted Chic at McQueen in Shoreditch!

It was a pretty miserable rainy day outside, but we had booze and tropical vibes going on so it was a good shelter choice! I had a selection of the RTW '14 range up for grabs as well as the classic tropical accessories collection. 


I also had the pleasure of meeting and bonding over ridiculous flamingo obsessions with another amazing colourful soul, Jessica Holt of Dazzle & Jolt. Her kaleidoscopic digital prints are an amazingly quirky eye catcher! 



As you have probably already seen from the main page, it's been a long time in the waiting but, the new Ready-to-Wear lookbook is HERE!!!

And how great does everything look? Everything featured will be available to buy online in the next week. 

Big love and thanks to the tropical dream team that made this all happen:

Photography: Dayo Awe Fashion Photography
Model: Faye Maidment
MUA: Hyebin Lee
Hair: Sunyoung Ha
Stylist: Meagan Concessio Styling
Set Design: Ellie Jelly
Illustration: Sophie Rawlingson

Ciara Monahan Flamingo Shoes
Ciara Monahan Striped Skirt and Flamingo Necklace

Desert Island Disco

I had the pleasure of joining the I Knit London team at the knitting tent in Bestival this weekend. If any of you went and saw the massive knitted lion's head and caravan you were bound to of bumped into us teaching you how to knit and crochet your way through your hangovers. If you missed us, there are many events and knitting classes that take place in I Knit London's shop based in Waterloo, London. We saw some amazing pom-pom headpieces come to life over the weekend bopping all over the place.

Loads of friendly faces dropped by to say hi and pick up a parrot and pineapple headpiece or two. We even got to pimp out the Police with a few crocheted additions to their uniform.

It was an absolute treat to look around and see a sea of disco pineapple outfits on the Saturday, which was pretty much like living inside my own head for a day. Completely loved the fact that every morning just involved completely drowning myself in glitter. So much so I'm still finding it on myself now...and all over my room, and my flat...and everything I own. Living the dream!

What a way to round off the festival season. Bring on next year!

Ciara Monahan with I Knit London at Bestival 2014
Ciara Monahan pineapple at Bestival 2014
 The I Knit London team pimping out the police with crochet hat decorations

The I Knit London team pimping out the police with crochet hat decorations

Ciara Monahan with I Knit London at Bestival
Bestival parade 2014
Ciara Monahan Parrot Headpiece at Bestival 2014
 Ostriches....the new flamingos?

Ostriches....the new flamingos?

Kigu Parrots and Pineapples

My headpieces have been featured in the Kigu festival shop over summer.

They were only there for a limited time so whilst you were stocking up on festival essentials (animal onesies and pineapples for your head, obviously) hopefully you had a chance to plonk them in your online fruit basket.

Check out the fun festival themed interview I had with them here.

Ciara Monahan PIneapple Headpiece for Kigu
Ciara Monahan Parrot Headpiece with Kigu

Parrot Pride

I had the joy of going down to Brighton Pride this summer with my posse of parrot ladies. 

Who could not love a street party full of glitter, thriving, hip-popping dancing, bright colours and ridiculously amazing costumes? It's basically my idea of paradise. We danced our way around Brighton in my parrot and cocktail headpieces as well as donning one or two glowing neon flamingo necklaces, which worked an absolute treat come night-time.

We managed to find an abandoned hula hoop on our travels and claimed it as our own, throwing some dance mad shapes with it as we went, and getting many-a-person in passing crowds involved. Of course we got mistaken for some kind of acrobatic dance troop for most of the day which is ALWAYS a good result.

Ciara Monahan Parrots at Brighton Pride 2014
Ciara Monahan Cocktail Headpiece at Brighton Pride 2014
Ciara Monahan Parrot meets Scarecrow at Brighton Pride
Ciara Monahan Headpieces ar Brighton Pride 2014
 All above photos courtesy of Jane Ollier

All above photos courtesy of Jane Ollier

 and it wouldn't be Pride without meeting a GIANT camp lobster in the aftermath

and it wouldn't be Pride without meeting a GIANT camp lobster in the aftermath

Secret Gardening

I got to join the amazing Secret Emporium team to do some tropical trading at Secret Garden Party!

What a ridiculously magical weekend that was! Big shout out to all you guys who dropped in for a boogie and a chitchat in my pineapple and parrot headpieces, you were all rocking the tropical look in the sunny heatwave of joy. I saw some of you guys out and about at night time wearing the pineapples (I def hi-fived one of you, you know who you are!) and you all looked ace. I also had the pleasure of dressing up Pete from Teleman in a pineapple and toucan or two who was obviously completely loving the whole experience and feeling pretty fruity.

Pretty gutted I missed out on having a cheeky swim in the lake but the memories of falling through a portaloo door into a giant field of sunflowers, finding a hidden ice rink in a wardrobe and catching balls of light that were falling from the sky at night will be forever imprinted in my mind! Who's going back next year? It's def going on back on my 'To Do' list. 


 Pete from Teleman gets dancing with a Toucan headpiece

Pete from Teleman gets dancing with a Toucan headpiece

SGP Ciara Monahan
 Parrot posing

Parrot posing

SGP Ciara Monahan in Sunflower Field
SGP Crystal

Together in Electrik Dreams

Just before festival season kicked off I popped up in Shoreditch Town Hall to sell some tropical treats to you guys with Intrigue Emporium. Here I got to meet the delightful Electrik Nan with her amazingly bright and colourful pop-art style knits and they both got to rock my tropical headpieces all day. Check out all the jazzy knits on

 Electrik Nan meets Ciara Monahan

Electrik Nan meets Ciara Monahan

Ciara Monahan Headpieces
Ciara Monahan Intrigue Emporium
Ciara Monahan Intrigue Emporium

The Fabulous FashionClash

This month I had the amazing opportunity of showing my collection at the FashionClash Festival in Maastricht. To those of you who made it to the show I hope you had an amazing time, we were all dancing about backstage like mad things! A MASSIVE thank you is needed for Branko Popovic and all the FashionClash team for making the show such a success, you are all absolute gems.

Not only did the pineapples get to strut their stuff on the catwalk once again but I got to explore an amazing little part of Holland and meet some amazing other designers. AND it was such a delight to rock up to my hotel to find my flamingo beach dress gracing the cover of a guide on the front desk. Feeling the famous vibes!

Hope to see you all again there next year with a new collection <3

Ciara Monahan Fashionclash 2014
Ciara Monahan Fashionclash 2014 Backstage
 All above photos courtesy of Peter Stigter

All above photos courtesy of Peter Stigter

 Photo courtesy of Clean Mag

Photo courtesy of Clean Mag

Spreading the (flamingo) love

I had the pleasure of helping out the fantastic Terry Fox at the White Gallery Bridal Show yesterday. She looked amazing in the Flamingo Love Necklace she chose to wear specifically for the event, which matched her outfit and colourful personality perfectly. Spread the love Terry! 

Ciara Monahan_Terry Fox

If you have a wedding on the cards be sure to check out her dreamy handmade dresses at 

New LookBook

There's a new diffusion line of garments on the way for summer! 

If you came to the pop-up boutique at Dalston Department Store for the Fashion Week Frock Off back in February, you would've had a sneaky peek of what tropical goodness is to come:

 Fashion Frock Off stand

Fashion Frock Off stand

The photoshoot took place earlier this month so keep an  eye out for the new lookbook soon to be gracing the homepage of my website. All new items featured will be available on the online shop. 

 Behind the Scenes of the shoot with the Tropical Dream Team

Behind the Scenes of the shoot with the Tropical Dream Team

Flamingos have perched in Cult Mountain

The blog is finally here! YES. 

This is a bit of a delayed post as this actually happened last month, but thought I'd throw in these fun little nuggets of info in case you missed it on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

It's official! Ciara Monahan jewellery, bags and purses are now being sold in Cult Mountain.

Take a peek on your next sunny stroll down Brick Lane, this wonderfully colourful boutique is sat at the top of the road opposite Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, so there's no excuse to not have a gander. Flamingos AND cats in one visit? It's a no brainer right? 

Ciara Monahan Jewellery_Cult Mountain
Sue Kreitzman_Ciara Monahan Jewellery

On my visit to the store I also had the pleasure of meeting the wild and wonderful Sue Kreitzman, who you may (and hopefully should!) recognise from the 'Fabulous Fashionistas' documentary (definitely watch it online if you haven't already had the pleasure).

Sue Kreitzman_Ciara Monahan

Sue was smitten with the Flamingo Love Necklace, and it was obviously a match made in heaven.